C. M. Lockhart


I’m Chelsea. I write stories that make people feel things. I’ve been at this writing thing since I was old enough to make decisions for myself and this is what I love to do – and believe me when I say that I’ve tried other things!

Keeping Promises is my first book and the first in The Promise Series.

I’m the creator of Written In Melanin Publishing. Aside from writing, I host the Written in Melanin Podcast with LaKase Marie Cousino and review books on the Written in Melanin YouTube Channel. The purpose of both these outlets is to talk about books and writing and add some melanin to your pages.

I’m a woman with a passion for tea, laughter, and words in every form – books, music, podcasts, subtitles on anime — it doesn’t matter! I twilight as Mrs. Otaku on the I’d Rather Anime podcast where my husband and I talk (rant) about anime that we watch just because we like being nerds together.

I got married before I could legally drink (so, no champagne toasts) and I’ve been fortunate enough to love the same man since I was 16. We currently live in Texas with our dog, Alphonse. When I’m not reading, writing, or talking about reading or writing, I’m usually watching anime, listening to music, playing video games, or hanging out with them.

I was once told that I’m the tornado in the Wizard of Oz and I can’t think of a compliment better than that.

To learn more about what I hope to accomplish with my writing, click here.

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