LaKase Cousino

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LaKase Cousino began her life as a storyteller through puppet show performances of fairy tales and television shows for her parents and younger brother. She was rarely still until there was a story to be told, and often convinced her mother and father to read books multiple times before bed. Eventually, she graduated from puppet performances to music when her parents discovered her aptitude for singing.

Through song she learned to decipher the emotions which lay just below the surface in each of us, and how to convey her own feelings despite her slight stutter. With the merging of music and literature she discovered true joy. 

Now, LaKase’s desire to explore what it has meant to be human throughout the ages shapes the stories she tells. She infuses each tale with her own mixture of myth and truth to land somewhere near illumination. Thanks to many trips to archives with her father as a young girl, she finds the process of investigating the lives of those long since passed invigorating.

When not hunkered down with texts about the Middle Ages, LaKase can be found singing until her neighbors complain, or falling asleep in nature.

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