Could’ve Been by Michelle Mitchell

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So, the first thing to note about this book is that it’s a novelette — it’s short. I feel like that makes the story more powerful in it’s own way though because it gets to the heart of the story and focuses on it without a lot of fluff and extraneous parts.

It follows the story of childhood friends who have made a long distance romance work through college, and as graduation approaches, Brandon realizes he’s ready to take things to the next step. He wants to get married and have Corian with him every step into his future. He gets a job working overseas once he graduates and so he asks her the biggest question — are you coming with me?

This book was based on the idea of friends to lovers and what I love about the whole idea is the comfortableness that comes with dating someone you’ve known your entire life — it can be an asset or a liability.

In this case, it turns into a liability because the MCs get comfortable and don’t communicate with each other as much as they should. This book has a serious case of mixed signals — it’s heartbreaking and all-too-real, but also touching and very grounded. Anyone could slip into a situation that snowballs out of control based on decisions made on temporary feelings and this book capitalizes on that feeling of “what if” and “if I had just…”

I enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who loves a good childhood friends to lovers story.

That’s my two cents on this book — spend it how you like!

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