The Cupid Guild by L. Penelope

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August 8, 2020


The Cupid Mixup:

The Montagne (Mon-Tah-Gen) hotel might as well have been a castle, and he might as well have been the prince. I met him in the bar late one night and it was obvious he was too much for me — too handsome, too charming, too rich. And while I could pretend I was a princess for a night, at the stroke of midnight, I ran away without giving him my name. I didn’t leave my shoe behind, but I might have just lost my heart. 

Can the Cupid Guild help this modern-day Cinderella get her second chance?

The Cupid Getaway:

When curiosity leads Renee to duck under the caution tape marking off the top floor of a college house party, she’s not quite prepared to find Milo. The popular girl and the solitary boy couldn’t be more different, so why does he make her broken heart feel whole again? 

One night changes everything, but in the morning, the gulf between their lives looks impossible to cross. Can the Cupid Guild magnetize these opposites before their chance at a happily ever after runs out?

The Cupid Complication:

This just might be the worst day of my life. I quit my job and walked out—without my purse, wallet, or keys. The good Samaritan who returns my stuff is none other than our friendly, neighborhood rock star. Did I say worst day? I meant best. But when this drummer’s dreams for the future are more than I can give, will that leave us playing out of tune?

Can the Cupid Guild bring this musician and his muse together in sweet harmony?

The Cupid Fiasco:

While trapped in a basement during an earthquake, sparks fly between co-workers Luce and Mat—too bad they’re sparks of rage. So when Mat needs a fake girlfriend for a weekend engagement party in wine country, there’s no way Luce will say yes… is there? 

It’s up to the Cupid Guild to show this salty pair how sweet it could be. 

The Cupid Guild by L. Penelope is a set of four novellas — together, they comprise the complete series. The novellas are short romance stories that follow four couples as they meet and fall in love. The common thread that binds these stories is a cupid named Delilah.

She’s an eccentric character, and I enjoyed reading her. I’ve never come across a character that stood out to me quite so much as she did — but I think that’s a good thing. It made the stories feel more distinct as I was reading them and I looked forward to her appearance in the story — it kept me curious about what she would do next to get the couples together.

It wasn’t just the cupid though. All the characters felt unique and I think that’s important, especially when you’re reading love stories like this. It would be easy to fall into the feeling that all the stories were the same and have the characters and their romances blending together.

This series doesn’t fall into that trap.

Each love story feels like a new adventure and I think that’s probably one of the highlights of this series. To be fair, to know me is to know that I’m a huge L. Penelope fan — but that’s because she’s talented in her craft. I’d recommend this series to both those new to romance and experienced romance readers. They’re quick and short to give newbies a chance to get their feet wet in the genre, but they’re sweet and cute enough to satisfy the experienced romance reader as well.

There are a few steamy scenes in these books, so use caution if gifting or recommending these to a minor. If you want to grab a copy, you can et them from Amazon as Kindle editions or the collected series in paperback.

But, that’s my two cents on this book — spend it how you like!

Until next time, may your days be lovely and your books interesting.

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