Editing Services

Written in Melanin Publishing offers editing services to help authors polish their works. All services are described and listed below. Free sample edits for first chapters up to 3,000 words are provided upon request.

When sending documents please format in the following manner:
8.5×11 paper
1″ margins on all sides
0.5″ first-line indent for each paragraph
12 point, Times New Roman font
Double spaced

The turnaround time for projects will be determined based on the length of the project, but a minimum of 6 weeks is required for each project.


Developmental Editing

Developmental editing checks for pacing, plot holes, character development, unnecessary scenes, dialogue, transitions and engagement of the reader. This service is for improving content and comes with inline commenting as well as a typed document with overall thoughts and suggestions.

The base price is $350 and covers projects up to 40,000 words.

$0.01 per word starting at 40,001 words.

For more information or to request services or a sample edit, please contact Chelsea at Chelsea@WrittenInMelanin.com. If requesting a sample edit, please send a book description and the first chapter as an attachment to the email.

What Clients Are Saying

Carrow Brown

Chelsea was wonderful to work with. Not only did she provide in-depth feedback, but talking to her was very easy and I always felt listened to. She has a great eye for details and was quick to point out a few things I missed in my manuscript. Highly recommended.

– Author of Fine Print

LaKase Cousino

Chelsea is a wonderful editor with a great eye for what does and does not work in a manuscript. I was able to trust the advice she gave would produce the best work possible.

– Author of Across the Broken Tide

Camille Lake

Chelsea’s influence helped me to see glaring character problems within my manuscript that I didn’t see myself. Her honest critique of my work was the catalyst I needed to jump my writing to the next level. She is an excellent resource for anyone starting out in the writing community.

– Author of Luna #1

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