The Written in Melanin Podcast has had the pleasure of talking with the following creatives on the podcast. Please check out these amazing creators when you get the chance.

Jo Furious

Jo Furious was the first author on the podcast and she is a writer of urban fiction. Her book, The Player, can be read on currently. You can follow her on social media @All4Furious.

Mike Patton

Mike Patton is the author of Past Lives. He is an author on Queen Media Collective and his stories can be read there. You can follow him on twitter @General_MP and on Instagram @Tha_General_MP.

Porsha Deun

Porsha Deun is an erotica fiction writer and the author of the books Love Lost and Love Lost Forever. You can follow her on social media @PorshaDeun.

Michaela Shelton

Michaela Shelton is a lifestyle blogger, the creator of Reckless Behavior, and the owner of Queen Media Collective. Her web series will be released January of 2020. You can read more about it here, and follow her on social media @DaRealMichaela1.

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