AuthorTube Newbie

Hi everyone!

I hope you enjoyed learning more about me as an Author! I saw the tag on Jenna Streety’s and The Bookish Penbabe’s channels. This is the first of more AuthorTube videos to come. I plan to also to do the Writing Process Tag that The Bookish Penbabe created and I can’t wait 😆

Thanks for watching and if you liked the video please like, comment, and subscribe!

Until next time — may your days be lovely and your books interesting!

AuthorTube Newbie Questions:

  1. What’s your book’s pitch? If you have multiple works, choose your favorite!
  2. If you were a book, how would you pitch yourself?
  3. What do you usually write?
  4. What’s something you’ll NEVER write?
  5. What’s your goal for starting an AuthorTube channel?
  6. What made you want to start writing?
  7. What’s your publishing path? (Self-publish, traditional publishing, hybrid, haven’t decided yet, or just write for fun?)
  8. What content do you bring to the AuthorTube table?
  9. What’s your biggest writing struggle?
  10. What’s your best writing skill? Choose between questions 11 and 12!
  11. If you’ve been on YouTube for a while, what’s your best AuthorTube tip?
  12. If you’re new to Author Tube, what is your biggest AuthorTube question?
  13. Are you looking for any new channels to follow, betas, CPS, or other types of writer buddies? If so, tell us who you’re looking for and connect with them in the comments!
  14. What are you most excited for during this new, fresh start on AuthorTube?

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