Written in Melanin Publishing


Written in Melanin Publishing is an independent, Black-owned, publishing company. Our goal is to work with and publish the books of Black authors. To that end, our services include working with authors to edit and format their manuscripts, design and acquire beautiful and unique book covers, publish and promote the finished works, and make them available on as many platforms and in as many formats as possible.


Written in Melanin is a small imprint — it is designed to be that way so that authors who sign with us don’t feel like they’re just a number or getting lost in the shuffle. Publishing a book is a personal experience, and at Written in Melanin, we like to keep it that way. Once signed, you’ll receive a “Roadmap to Publishing” that will guide you from beginning — working with an editor one-on-one to polish your work to the best it can be — to end — making your book available in multiple formats.


If you’re a Black author and interested in working with Written in Melanin to publish your book, then let us know. We currently work in the genres of romance and fantasy. Because we are a small indie publisher, we like to keep publishing a personal experience and have a limited number of spots available. We welcome all submissions — although not all are accepted, every submission is reviewed and receives a response.

To submit your work, send a one page synopsis of your work and a cover letter introducing yourself with your contact information to
Chelsea @ WrittenInMelanin.com.

If your submission is accepted, we will follow up with you requesting the first 50 pages of your manuscript and next steps.

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