Written in Melanin Publishing came into existence during the spring of 2019 because I felt there wasn’t enough representation to be found on bookshelves. I’m a black woman and I have always struggled to find books with main characters who look like me that are represented in a positive light. I know that those books exist (especially more as I’ve gotten older!) and I feel they should be front and center — not a search and find.

I have always had a passion for words and writing and I believe in being the change that you want to see in the world. So, I decided to do my part to fill the void that I felt was so often overlooked — writing books with black characters with all types of personalities. And when I decided to create my own company, I created it with a singular mindset – adding color to your pages, one word at a time.

The goal of Written in Melanin, in every capacity, is to help celebrate and spread the word of black writers. The ultimate goal is to create a platform where writers and readers alike have a space to share the works of authors who wouldn’t otherwise be found by the people searching for them.

To that end, I created a podcast that gives black writers an opportunity to share their works and writing journeys; I created a YouTube channel to share my own journey as a writer; I created a book club to share the works of black authors with others; I created this company to publish the works of black authors and provide services to anyone brave enough to embark on the mission of being a writer.

Written in Melanin Publishing is constantly growing, so if you’d like to be a part of it, feel free to reach out to me. I’m Chelsea — I go by Cee — and I write under the pen name C. E. Benson.

Welcome to Written in Melanin Publishing!