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Keeping Promises

The story of a girl who loved a boy, who loved her back.

Jason and Kamry met in the second grade. They were best friends who did everything together, so it was inevitable that they fell in love. And in any other lifetime, they would have stayed together forever – but that’s not how their story went.

At least, it didn’t the first time around.

This is their love story from beginning to end to beginning again – because some promises are too important to not keep.

$2.99 USD

We Are the Origin

She was a shadow.

A cultivator of death and the queen’s own blade, reserved only for the disloyal and the blasphemous. She was a tool — crafted by the queendom and forged in blood to be wielded by whoever was able to keep her in hand.

She was destruction.

Cold and indifferent, she was never meant to have an opinion on the blood she shed — never meant to question whose back she was pressed into, whose throat she was slipped across. She was the terror that haunted the nightmares of soldiers.

She was a woman loved by the gods.

Their mistake was in forgetting that.