Jason and Kamry met in the second grade. They were best friends who did everything together – it was inevitable that they would fall in love. And in any other lifetime, they probably would have ended up together – but that’s not how their story went  – they didn’t get the “happily ever after” they thought they deserved.

At least, they didn’t the first time around.

It’s been five years since they’ve laid eyes on each other and the feelings that time should have erased are still raging strong for both of them – but they’re not kids anymore. Experience and caution have replaced recklessness and naivety. They aren’t the people they once were – but they are still far from strangers – and Jason wants nothing more than to keep the promise they made to each other as kids. Kamry is hesitant though because she knows the truth – some promises are just too hard to keep.

Keeping Promises is available for purchase here!
Listen to C. E. Benson read the first chapter here!

Lars hadn’t planned to die at the hands of someone like her.

To be fair – he hadn’t planned on dying at the hands of anyone at all. He knew that life didn’t always go as expected, but still – being murdered at work wasn’t something that he could have prepared for. And if he was being completely honest – being murdered wasn’t even the most unexpected thing to happen to him.

Dying was only the beginning.

The Necromancer: Volume 1 is available for purchase here!
Volume 2 will be available August 2019

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