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Complicated vs Complex Stories Written In Melanin

As an author, I'm always hesitant to say anything along the lines of "this is how this should be done" when it comes to writing. However, as an avid reader, reviewer, and occasional editor, there are some things I've noticed about good storytelling. And one of the biggest things I've noticed is that there is a difference between a complex story and a complicated one. Support C. M. Lockhart and her books by joining her Patreon at or visiting her website at Check out the Melanin Library for books by Black authors at Join her for the Melanin Chat on Tuesdays at 4p EST and writing sprints on Thursdays at 1pm EST on Twitch ( and YouTube ( Sign up for Dabble Writer (her preferred writing software) using her affiliate link: Follow her on social media @CLockhartWrite, @WrittenNMelanin, and @Melanin_Library
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About C. M. Lockhart

C. M. Lockhart (also known simply as Chelsea) is a writer of fantasy because she loves creating worlds, exploring relationships, and writing stories about Black girls who aren’t all that nice. She’s been writing since the age of fourteen and there’s nothing else she’d rather do with her life.

Aside from being an indie author, she is the owner of Written in Melanin, the founder of the Melanin Library, and the host of the Written in Melanin Podcast. She also conducts interviews on her YouTube channel to help promote other Black authors and shares book reviews on her various platforms.

She is a lover of video games and anime, so whenever she isn’t reading and writing — or talking about reading and writing — she’s watching anime and running the I’d Rather Anime Podcast with her husband. She’s a pescatarian who enjoys cooking, napping, and ranting to anyone who will listen.

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